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Priscilla Brookman-Amissah Impraim, is the founder and C.E.O of Ab Ovo Confectionery Limited. She is an administrator and Marketer by profession, with over 20 years’ experience in business administration, marketing and technical advisor in the installation of computer games.

Priscilla Holds a degree in Secretaryship and a diploma in Education with French as a language option (BSec, Dip Ed). Prior to setting up this business, she worked as an Assistant Administrative Manager for Network Computer Systems (NCS) and as Assistant Administrative

Manager at PW Ghana Limited in Ghana before moving to Germany where she schooled at the prestigious Universitaet Mannheim in Mannheim, Germany and studied Software and Internet Technology, German and Italian and worked as an intern at TMS Connected! In Mannheim (a subsidiary of Vivendi Universal Games, now Gameloft), Studied her EMBA at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Completed her CIM UK in Marketing at GIMPA and also worked as a Marketing Field Representative in the Baddenwartenburg, Vincenza, Lakenheath and Benelux countries areas for American Brokerage Companies (for DECA and AAFES) such as Webco Partnership Inc., Dunham & Smith Agency, Overseas Corporation and Sarvis Incorporated, just to mention a few.

She was responsible for the marketing, selling, ordering, inventorying, couponing, rotating and promoting Top Brand Fast moving consumer goods (FMGCs), semi-perishable goods and non-perishable goods in their commissaries, Shoppettes and AAFES PX Exchanges. She also worked as a Coca Cola, Pepsi and Anheuser Busch representative and helped promote and manage their brands on the US Army installations in Germany.

In October 2011, Priscilla was invited by Hilary Clinton to attend the Prestigious African Women’s Entrepreneurship Programme in the United States of America where she was also afforded the opportunity to visit over ten states to visit several huge companies owned by Women and their contributions to the American economy. She was featured on CNN and interviewed by US Department of state TV (please see www.youtube.com/Priscilla Impraim) She has also undertaken a leadership course with Vital Voices (one year) online and that was climaxed with a one-on-one training in Tanzania.  Vital Voices has also afforded Priscilla the opportunity to partake in their many programmes and have also given her a small grant to purchase machinery.

Priscilla has also won many awards, including winning the best Entrepreneur in the UK Aid (Technoserve) Believe Begin Become (BBB) Competition in 2010 and won one of the Best Entrepreneurs in the ENGINE (Technoserve UK Aid) Competition, where she was awarded some cash and after-care. She has been featured on one of their programmes on youtube (www.youtube.com/chocolatier extraordinaire).

Priscilla has recently undergone training at the prestigious SELMI Training Centre in Italy. She has undergone professional advanced training in chocolate making in the following areas: Bean- to-Bar, Pralinated products, Long-life fillings, balanced fillings and chocolate dragees.

She is currently studying Digital Marketing at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana, and at the same time taking an Advanced Management Programme at the prestigious China-Europe Business School, headquartered in Shanghai.