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AbOvo Confectionary Limited

Ab Ovo Confectionery Limited is a Ghanaian company incorporated in November 2006 under the Companies code of 1963 (Act 179) and began operations in January 2008. The Company is engaged in the manufacturing, packaging and the marketing of various cocoa/chocolate products such as soft pebbles (peanut-covered chocolate dragees), handcrafted gourmet chocolates (with various fillings), truffles and chocolate bars. The Company also specializes in customizing or branding handmade chocolates for blue chip companies such as financial institutions (Banks and Insurance Companies), other Corporate Institutions variations, Telecommunication companies, Hotels and private companies and individuals for their various occasions such as anniversaries or targeted at corporate institutions or blue chip companies on occasions and for private entities or individuals on various occasions such as weddings and anniversaries. Ab Ovo is the only private company in Ghana which started this innovative craft

TThe operating model of Ab Ovo involves outsourcing its production of its soft pebbles to Cocoa Processing Company (CPC) under strict hygienic conditions and subsequently re-packaged by Ab Ovo using special packaging to protect product from heat and filling the packaging with food grade nitrogen to increase the shelf life of the products. The products are branded Ovos. The range depends on the core element which the chocolate surrounds. Strategically, the range includes soft pebbles, Gourmet handcrafted chocolates and chocolate bars.


After eight years of successfully marketing and selling Ovos Choconuts on (mostly) the Ghanaian and other West-African markets and also tapping into the corporate market with speciality branding with considerable success, Ab Ovo Confectionery Limited is ready to expand by manufacturing its own chocolate by using Ghana’s cocoa beans from the bean stage to the bar stage and increasing its operations by 300%.

In view of this, we’ve recently purchased a conching machine and a bigger tempering machine, to add value to cocoa beans, to complete its bean to bar process.

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